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Re: lora

Posted by Curley on 3/09/07
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    On 3/09/07, Hal wrote:
    > On 3/08/07, Lora wrote:
    >> Funny huh..... people move!! I never stated thats where is
    >> currently living. He USED to live in Florida. You must not
    >> know him ever well if you didn't even know that.
    >> And next time be a man and sign your name
    >> Lora
    > Lora is right. If you read all the CRAP that Paul has posted
    > over time here, you would know of his shady character.
    > No matter what you think, Paul's sole mission is for money.
    > He can't stand the thought of losing a dime so he incubates
    > of his eggs and hand feeds them from day one.
    > His parent birds never get a chance to raise a clutch and he
    > hopes that they will start another clutch.
    > He exposes these newly hatched birds to people that he allows
    > to view them at his auto store.
    > The list goes on and on.
    > And before you say anything to me, ALL that I wrote is from
    > Paul's mouth.
    > And what's really sad, he's gathered a small following that
    > thinks this is OK. Curley?
    I never said I agreed with Pauls breeding practices. I laugh at
    his singing and "some" of his non-sense. Just because I am civil
    to Paul [and most everyone else] does not mean I agree with what
    he does concerning his breeders, babies, or personal life. I
    have 2 incubators that haven't even been plugged in for 4 years.
    I let all my pairs incubate their own eggs. If I have a pair
    that don't sit or care for their babies I put the eggs under
    another pair for them to raise. By all means I let nature take
    her course in my facilities. How many ppl that breed Hyacinths
    let the parent birds incubate and raise their babies? Not very
    many I can assure you. Just cuz I try and get along with ppl on
    this board does not mean that I agree with everything said here.

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