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Re: Yes I'm getting a divorced

Posted by Earnestina on 3/16/07
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    On 3/16/07, Phil?wild wrote:
    > On 3/16/07, Dave wrote:
    >> On 3/16/07, Phil/Wild wrote:
    >>> Yes I'm getting a divorce. Okay everyone hear that.
    >>> Mr/Mrs Me you must be a sad little board troll.
    >>> no biggy life go's on.
    >>> Phil/Wild
    >> Sorry about your misfortune. Sometimes, things just don't
    >> work out. I hope you cope with your situation safely and
    >> soundly. Good luck in whatever or whoever you meet in the
    >> future. -----Dave
    > thanks Dave.
    > I've been in the dumps lately and for someone to attack me
    > here is wrong.It is a misfortune but we both agree its better
    > for our kids.
    > Thanks again,it feels good when some one gives you a nice
    > comment. Not a attack on me.
    > thanks again.
    > phillip

    I apologize for confusing you with someone else.
    But I still stand firm in my conviction that "personal data"
    isn't really necessary when you post a for sale ad on ANY board.
    When you do, you are subject to public scrutiny and opinion.
    Did you somehow think the divorce situation was going to prompt a
    faster sale?
    Divorce isn't pleasant, but I have to agree with you. In your
    case, I think it best.