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Re: Paul's ministry for the day

Posted by more observant on 4/13/07
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    On 4/13/07, observant wrote:
    > how do you know if your living in Gods will...
    > You shall be very happy in your situation, if your not
    > happy your living out of it...
    > What happens if your living out of Gods will, flat tires
    > your car and just nothing goes correctly starts out with
    > small things and gets bigger...
    > Gods hands are tied he cant and wont lend a hand in that
    > particualr situation he removes his hands and Satan comes
    > in for the attack..
    > When your living in Gods will things will go great no
    > matter what you do it turns to rolls in
    > wierd places best to give 10 percent
    > of your earnings and watch money will really increase....
    > I like the 700 club myself
    > Paul
    > This is a direct copy of Paul's profound absurdity taken
    > from his web site.
    > I take personal offense to the part where you "speak" for
    > what God is capable and willing to do. How DARE you
    > you are qualified to be this presumptuous?
    > And why do all your references to religion and the
    > it will provide revolve around money?
    > I think you might be a pagan idolater of money.
    > What say you Paul?

    wondered when you'd crawl out from under yer
    rock..............maybe you should complain to paul on the
    website he put this on............hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm now
    that would be observant........u know since u ruined this
    board already and nobody posts anymore