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Re: What!

Posted by petey on 4/15/07
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    On 4/15/07, Babilicious wrote:
    > On 4/15/07, The Troll Killer! wrote:
    >> On 4/14/07, Lora wrote:
    >>> I AM NOT OBSERVANT. Why would I write about me and that loon paul?
    >>> If I post something I sign MY NAME on every post I have written.
    >>> Try again maybe you can figure out who is Observant
    >>> Lora
    >> I reckon it's bablicious. And she's getting the reaction she wanted.
    > Did I hear my name?

    Yep!! Just what Paul needs. A doll who won't mind any off color thing he
    has in mind. Hmmm, Got a mother complex along with a doll complex. Barbie
    must have been a good friend to Paul during his puberty days. Probably
    gave his mother a break. Practice made perfect and sure enough this doll
    fits the bill to a tee.