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Re: Paul's ministry for the day

Posted by more observant on 4/18/07
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    On 4/18/07, Sparkle Plenty wrote:
    > On 4/18/07, more observant wrote:
    >> sparkle-
    >> what's w/ the sparking bed pans??? Do you clean hinies for a
    >> living?? Must be real rewarding work. That explains so much
    > No, Electra, I don't. But I seem to recall that you're some kind of
    > nurse's aid or janitorial staff at a hospital.
    > Really dear, you're not that good trying to be coy.

    Yup a hiny inspector if ever there was one it definatley fits your
    SParkling personality! Don't know to who your refering too but I am MORE
    OBSERVANT. Nothing wrong with an honest days work no matter what ya do.
    You should know as your job seems to be as nasty a person as possible.
    One at which you excel. You must be so proud!