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Re: What we are gona do on the factor

Posted by Minnie Mae on 4/17/07
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    On 4/17/07, Paul Jr wrote:
    > Im gona open up in the middle of the page with todays
    > talking points....then in video on my left will pop up
    > your video and your stand on the subject , then on my right
    > will pop up another video with the other side or view..
    > The next day you each can respond to the prior day.
    > Im starting out with 1 min each and we can increase the time
    > if need be...
    > I think this gives people the chance to come out of hiding
    > on the computor and be real....
    > This is no spin zone so state your facts...We should have
    > fun with this ill also post a link so you can embed in your
    > website if you wish
    > Paul Jr

    Great idea, Paul. Praise the Lord!