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Re: For Paul Jr (Soothsayer of the Divine Word)

Posted by Paul jr on 4/19/07
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    On 4/19/07, Mikey wrote:
    > On 4/19/07, Paul Jr wrote:
    >> who is the person thats trying to control you?
    >> i dont see any health issues other then perhaps nagging
    >> throat or teeth troubles....
    >> Do you have a family memeber just been diagosed with stomach
    >> cancer?
    >> Paul Jr
    >> On 4/19/07, Debby wrote:
    >>> Okay Paul, I'll bite, Sylvia Brown eh? Well I don't think you
    >>> can be like her, she is the best. However, Im going through
    >>> alot of things now, here is my birthdate 12/31/55. Enlighten
    >>> me please. If you have a cure let me know.
    >>> Debby
    >>>> On 4/19/07, Sparkle Plenty wrote:
    >>>>> Paul,
    >>>>> Would you please update your daily message on your board.
    >>>>> I've grown accustomed to reading God's word, spoken through
    >>>>> you.
    >>>>> I have to say, comparing yourself to Sylvia Brown and
    >>>>> saying that God has chosen you as his messenger really
    >>>>> brightens my day!
    >>>>> Oh, and please shave the rest of your hair off. You don't
    >>>>> look outlandish enough as it is.
    >>>> test me, name and birthdate ill tell ya alot about yourself
    >>>> that perhaps only you know...or go ask glenda on my chat
    >>>> how good I am, even she will say no way i could have known
    >>>> what i did know about her
    >>>> Paul Jr
    > Mikey------9/17/46
    > let's see what you've got Paul!

    I see your very good with money issues and what your doing
    will benefit you if it hasnt already....

    awwww people seem to put you in the middle of situations
    and you dont like it