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Re: For Paul Jr (Soothsayer of the Divine Word)

Posted by Debby on 4/20/07
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    I don't have anyone in my life trying to control me. I am married
    however and we all know how that can be...~lol~. No I don't have
    any teeth problems that I know of, but I do have a nagging

    No one in my family was diagnosed with stomach cancer. I did just
    have an endoscopy though.

    NOw Paul try again, cause I am having issues. I'll give you a
    hint.....I pass out.


    > who is the person thats trying to control you?
    > i dont see any health issues other then perhaps nagging
    > throat or teeth troubles....
    > Do you have a family memeber just been diagosed with stomach
    > cancer?
    > Paul Jr
    > On 4/19/07, Debby wrote:
    >> Okay Paul, I'll bite, Sylvia Brown eh? Well I don't think you
    >> can be like her, she is the best. However, Im going through
    >> alot of things now, here is my birthdate 12/31/55. Enlighten
    >> me please. If you have a cure let me know.
    >> Debby
    >>> On 4/19/07, Sparkle Plenty wrote:
    >>>> Paul,
    >>>> Would you please update your daily message on your board.
    >>>> I've grown accustomed to reading God's word, spoken through
    >>>> you.
    >>>> I have to say, comparing yourself to Sylvia Brown and
    >>>> saying that God has chosen you as his messenger really
    >>>> brightens my day!
    >>>> Oh, and please shave the rest of your hair off. You don't
    >>>> look outlandish enough as it is.
    >>> test me, name and birthdate ill tell ya alot about yourself
    >>> that perhaps only you know...or go ask glenda on my chat
    >>> how good I am, even she will say no way i could have known
    >>> what i did know about her
    >>> Paul Jr