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Re: Kel( I forgot something)

Posted by sparkle whatever on 4/19/07
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    On 4/19/07, Paul Jr wrote:
    > I forgot your also very sensitive dont take my comments to
    > heart, your a good momma bird....I had this interests in
    > this gal she has no idea how sneaky I actually am...I know
    > everything about her too....she thinks if i knew that
    > about her I wouldnt like her but I know about it...haha
    > Paul Jr

    I'm only gonna say this cause this type of stuff really
    bites my hiny....but Christians are not supposed to practice
    the occult, consult witches, or consort with
    mediums/soothsayers etc.....the apostles rebuked one in the
    new testament and in the old Saul was found unfit to be King
    after consulting a divinor to inquire of the dead prophet
    Samuel. Yes I beleave in words of knowledge given in
    season...........but that is meant for the uplifting of the
    unbeliever to is GOD'S power thru a vessels
    not the vessels power...Beware people who profess themselves
    with the gifts of the spirit being theirs..(GOD says in
    scripture that I will share my glory with no man).....not
    some game on a chat board. If your gonna be a psychic then
    by all means do so but don't drag the Lord into the occult
    with you. Sylvia Brown is not in agreement with the Bible.
    Anyone who professes a walk with Christ can not pick and
    choose from the Bible what parts they like and what they
    don't. You either walk the walk or you don't. If only we
    Christian's had half the devotion the Muslims show we'd be
    shakin nations for God. Not sittin on some silly chat board
    playin Psychic and usin Jesus to do it. NUff Said. Now
    this is a word in season......... Peace