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Re: Kel( I forgot something)/Sparkle Whatever

Posted by Kel on 4/20/07
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    On 4/19/07, sparkle whatever wrote:
    > On 4/19/07, Paul Jr wrote:
    >> I forgot your also very sensitive dont take my comments to
    >> heart, your a good momma bird....I had this interests in
    >> this gal she has no idea how sneaky I actually am...I know
    >> everything about her too....she thinks if i knew that
    >> about her I wouldnt like her but I know about it...haha
    >> Paul Jr
    > I'm only gonna say this cause this type of stuff really
    > bites my hiny....but Christians are not supposed to practice
    > the occult, consult witches, or consort with
    > mediums/soothsayers etc.....the apostles rebuked one in the
    > new testament and in the old Saul was found unfit to be King
    > after consulting a divinor to inquire of the dead prophet
    > Samuel. Yes I beleave in words of knowledge given in
    > season...........but that is meant for the uplifting of the
    > unbeliever to is GOD'S power thru a vessels
    > not the vessels power...Beware people who profess themselves
    > with the gifts of the spirit being theirs..(GOD says in
    > scripture that I will share my glory with no man).....not
    > some game on a chat board. If your gonna be a psychic then
    > by all means do so but don't drag the Lord into the occult
    > with you. Sylvia Brown is not in agreement with the Bible.
    > Anyone who professes a walk with Christ can not pick and
    > choose from the Bible what parts they like and what they
    > don't. You either walk the walk or you don't. If only we
    > Christian's had half the devotion the Muslims show we'd be
    > shakin nations for God. Not sittin on some silly chat board
    > playin Psychic and usin Jesus to do it. NUff Said. Now
    > this is a word in season......... Peace

    Honesty I do agree with you 100% You said it quite well.
    Personally I know Paul is kidding around and just trying to
    have a good time. He does goofy things such as this. I cannot
    say that I know what he believes in 100% but I do know that he
    goes to my church and they believe in what you just wrote. I
    think its in fun. But you are right, even I shouldn't even be
    joking around with it. I know in my heart that I think its
    all balony anyways. :)
    ~~~~ Peace~~~~~~