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Re: sparkle/hey

Posted by Paul Jr on 4/20/07
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    On 4/20/07, OMG wrote:
    > You truly are an idiot. Don't you think she "reads" your
    > personality,the way you walk, the way you talk, your
    > mannerisms and then tells you what you want to hear?? A card
    > reader that has never pulled a card before? BS!! I hope you
    > didn't pay her for this, your Mother is going to need
    > grocery money!
    > Why would a man of such means need to color his own hair?
    > Its only $100 for a terrific job at salon! But you went the
    > $4.99 way!!!!
    > OMG

    8.99 and boy oh boy did it turn out red, Im feeding birds
    didnt have the time to go sit somewhere....

    i must be really good because im doing it over the net
    I dont see anybody or watch the way they walk..

    I only use it to help people and its all in just fun
    as far as im concerned

    Paul Jr