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Re: Sparkle ( I saw this vision of you)

Posted by Paul Jr on 4/20/07
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    On 4/20/07, sparkel jr wrote:
    > Really........people who profess to talk to "spirits" does
    > this feel right w/ your spirit??? HAve you ever heard of
    > people with an "unteachable spirit?" meaning they have ears
    > to hear and eyes to see but CHOOSE to go in the opposite
    > direction. So would a Christian be caught consulting tarrot
    > cards or consorting with those that do?? DID Jesus wip out
    > his cards and give you a reading?? Or did his ministry
    > focus on the truth of the nature of people. That we are
    > desperate creatures at heart in need of a savior. "My
    > spirit will not always strive with men"..........beware the
    > reprobate mind. That's people who no longer have the
    > ability to judge what is good and what is evil because they
    > have turned there back to it so many times. Evil often
    > likes to tell the listener what they most wish to hear about
    > themselves. Flattery after all is the most incidious type
    > of deceit. It is most easy to beleave and deceive ourselves
    > that we Are from what we really ARE NOT. So with great
    > openess I profess I am a flawed sinful human in need of a
    > savior. With out him I am nothing and can do nothing of
    > lasting value. I pray he uses me to be a expression of his
    > will not mine. Any thing of value I may do or have done is
    > due to his mercy and grace to myself and this race. May we
    > all seek thruth and find it.
    > On 4/20/07, Paul Jr wrote:
    >> I want to know if your cancer gal and around 45 years of
    >> age. God reveiled this photo to me....brown hair sorta
    > like
    >> bo derek type look....Dont land and go crazy on me just
    >> simple answer...I love crazy people however
    >> Paul Jr

    I got to use cards over the net in person dont need em.

    Paul Jr