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Post: I need species writers

Posted by Paul Jr on 4/26/07

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    I have bneen running the engine what we call loose and
    kinda with small data base but im gona let the dogs out in
    a few days to index like a million pages. What your
    looking at is only the engine im gona embed this in a page
    like yahoo so I need specie writers to write monthly
    articles and each will have their own column write about
    breeding or whatever you want...The folks who do well will
    be on the factor often talking about what they wrote...

    we also need daily news writers for daily column...

    Dont be affraid to step up for what you believe in and
    what you enjoy doing who gives a crap what others think.

    Pets in general have become very popular amoung families
    so lets give em some real good parrot info, What is good
    info what has worked for you when it comes to live animals
    because we can take many roads to reach the same
    designation of success.

    Lets come out of hiding write some good controversal info
    so you can be on the factor and Paul can become another

    Paul Jr

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