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Re: What are you now Paul?

Posted by Lora on 4/28/07
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    Paul, you were the one that started this whole freakin
    thing, you mentioned my name what 2wks ago? I think I will
    go find it. Now you can tell the future and read people?
    That was the rage two years ago loser. You couldn't be
    anymore wrong about me. I am very happily married to a
    great man, I live in a brand new 3 bedroom home with
    everything I need and more. I no longer have to work and
    have all day to spend with my animals and hobbies.
    My birds are not loud, if you birds are constantly
    screaming there is something wrong with them (ei..need TOYS,
    food etc) Mine call the flock twice a day other than that
    they are very quiet.
    I don't pretend to know everything like you, I don't jump
    on the next best thing like you, I do care for my pets very
    well and care about thier needs, unlike you.
    Hey what ever happened to raising monkeys for the movies?
    Didn't work huh.
    So next time don't mention my name and don't respond to
    any of posts. Maybe you will learn, maybe you won't, until
    you do learn it is my mission to make sure everyone knows
    what an ass you really are

    And if you truly want to help me, go away and never come
    back, you have your own lil site USE IT!