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Re: paulo/babs/kitty J/curley

Posted by KittyJ on 5/05/07
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    My birds are all doing fine :) I recently adopt/got from a
    friend of mine who does rescue work. Got a Eastern Rosella
    Parakeet. She rescues large birds for the most part and this
    poor big parakeet just was stressed at her place. And me only
    having one Too who is very quiet for a Too and just a Happy-go-
    lucky bird, and my smalle rbirds. I was offered him. And well
    I accepted. The Rosella is a untame female. Right when my mom
    saw it, she called her Rosie (not even knowing what type of
    bird she was) and well the bird has been my moms since. Rosie
    is much happier now. AT first she was very fluttery in her
    cage, and wouldnt eat if we were watchign or near her, and
    well she has settled down I can be half a foot away from the
    cage eating toast and hot tomatoe soup with my other birds and
    Rosie will want some, and Rosie doesn tmind us being so close
    to her (well she does mind the little kids) while she eats. :)

    It was Sapphrie birthday this month. My first born/raised
    birdie. She was 5 y.o May 1st. And I am planning on getting
    her a new cage. This cage infact

    Only going to cost w/ shipping $256-260. Then I plan on
    getting $20 worth of toys, and then next payday another $40
    worth of toys. I have yet to make her and Myko (Its Myko's (my
    starlings) Third Birthday May 8th, there birthday cakes
    (birdie safe ofcourse).