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Re: paulo/babs/kitty J/curley

Posted by KittyJ on 5/05/07
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    LOL. In my rant about my birds. I forgot to say that Sapphire ws
    my first bird 5yrs ago, that I hatched, and she is a House
    Sparrow female ofcourse :)

    The toys I am getting will be a large wicker/tiki hut type nest
    for my starling. They have thos enow, very cool. And my male
    starling jsut loves to makes nests. I think well why not? If it
    keeps him out of my finches and out of my hair, then let him
    make his nest. He has wnated to since he was 1y.o! And he wanst
    the finches nests! lol. Tries to fit his big starling bum in a
    finch nest box and wicker nests. I think not! He doesnt fit too
    well! LOL.

    I am also planning on getting 3 mirror toys, a couple
    bell/noiasey toys (for ym budgies) and a couple dangling briogth
    colorful woody toys, a large ladder, and some fake large ivy for
    the cage.

    This cage will have assorted of birds. 1 house sparrow, 1
    starling, 2 budgies, and 4 finches. Ofcourse they'll have time
    out of their cage, but while I am at work and at school, I need
    to have them in their cages :(. Its hard commng home to a messy
    birdie pooped on carpet/blankets/windowcill/poopy clothes/ seed
    infest carpet. LOL. I just dotn have time to do all THAT
    cleaning in a day. lol. Nor do I think we have enough hot water
    and soap anymore.

    Then for the first of the month of June's Paycheck, I am buying
    my baby, Bokka (umbrella cockatoo,l who thinks he is a Baby but
    he is really a 12 y.o snot, LOL) a new night cage. His current
    one isnt on a stand and its old. Its also has a plastic trail
    which Bokka loves (hint hint, lol) I need a nicer better cage
    that he cant chew through. lol.

    Then in a couple more months I plan on buying Bokka another day
    cage, and throwing/giving away this cage he has for his day cage.