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Re: pet product news international

Posted by Paul Jr on 5/02/07
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    On 5/02/07, maryann wrote:
    > On 5/02/07, Paul Jr wrote:
    >> I helped in writing the article on major mitchells in may
    >> issue if somebody gets this newspaper monthly issue let me
    >> know how I did, The primary writer is angela he said, she
    >> used lot of jurassic parrots aviary.
    >> Paul Jr
    > Pet Products News International is a publication for
    > retailers, wholesalers and distributors in the pet industry.
    > It is NOT a publication that the average bird person has
    > available to them.
    > The chance of average people seeing the article are slim to
    > none.

    well her last article on lorikeets appeared on the internet
    website few months later makes since they
    dont post the new articles or nobody would purchase the paper.

    Ive seen the paper at magolia birdfarm available its kinda
    like a daily breeze newspaper..Im basically a terrible writer
    so i worked hard on

    Paul Jr