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Re: Ive been in 4 movies/ill tell ya how it happened

Posted by Paul Jr on 5/02/07
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    On 5/02/07, Curley wrote:
    > On 5/02/07, Paul Jr wrote:
    >> I was in the movie point doom , I worked with andrew dice
    >> clay , richard gierco , john enos, jeniffer odell you
    > might
    >> be able to still rent it at blockbusters , I did real good
    >> im the valley parking lot attendent the guy with the red
    >> vest all during the movie or least 4 good scenes.
    >> I also was in blue light special with nester carbinel he
    >> was the guy from suddenly susan and luke perry 90210,I
    > was
    >> guy in lukes dream on the
    >> Paul jr.
    > Awww....Paul Dear.........your a legend in your own mind.
    > hahahaha. hugs

    I was casted just as an extra, i had a chance to talk with
    richard gierco we chatted for quite a while one of the cast
    members casted for the part couldnt make it or was a no show
    maybe casted for 2 movies on the same day isnt unusual.richard
    told em to give me a chance and considering I was correct
    height and size I fit the wardrobe perfect so they moved over
    to the make up division and sitting next to me having her make
    up done was jenifer odell they fixed me up so pretty when I got
    home I left the make up on for 2

    I guess i did quite well they sent me over to nester as he was
    the producer of blue light special and I was in that movie.

    The other movies were viacom german movie showed in germany and
    in german language I played a kook crazy guy in a hospital

    The other was juror #5 HBO special

    Paul Jr

    Paul Jr