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Re: Do you really want to start again?

Posted by Lora on 5/03/07
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    Good for you. I have news for you, you couldn't afford him and he would
    never take the case anyways. How did I slander your business? By
    repeating what you told all of us years ago about killing baby quakers?
    Raiding their nests? Oh I know, I said I hadn't seen any pics of your
    breeders in years, and the last pics you posted were your birds in wire
    cages standing on 2x4's? Hmmm, I am no lawyer but thats sounds like the
    truth to me. When have you ever advertised here on Birdsmart? Ever
    list a bird for sale? Hmmmmmmmm........
    If either of us has a gripe its me, you start crap. So stop talking
    about me and don't use my name EVER, this is your final warning.

    On 5/03/07, Paul Jr wrote:
    > On 5/03/07, Lora wrote:
    >> I have not written one word about you, yet you have to start crap
    >> again. I will say this once, don't talk about me on this forum, you
    >> have email and your own freakin site, USE IT! If not, the claws will
    >> come out!
    > Im actually filing a lawsuit against you for slander of me and my
    > gona explain to the judge about how wrong you were
    > as im taking your house.....your gona get mail forsure your gona meet
    > Paul and robert shapiro my attorney hes also dads good
    > luck.
    > Paul Jr