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Re: Ive been in 4 movies/Pathetic and pitiful

Posted by GreyLady on 5/04/07
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    How awful it must be to have such low self esteem and so
    little self confidence that one feels they must try to
    impress people on a chat board. But, then that's safe as one
    can stay anonymous while spouting all their crap. It's just
    too pitiful for words. Whoever you really are, you are in
    serious need of some professional help. It's even scarier
    that you don't seem to have any grasp of what a fool you make
    of yourself and that you are being laughed at beind your
    back. (Okay, now it's your turn to come back and post, using
    some other name so you can pat yourself on the back as if you
    have tons of fans supporting you.)