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Re: Ive been in 4 movies/Pathetic and pitiful

Posted by electra on 5/04/07
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    paul is definately not me posting and he is my friend. He's
    right some of you have your panties so tight in a bundle ya
    might loose them legs. Geez really what men don't talk about
    themselves?? What's so new about that. NADA. I think its
    kinda funny to be able to have a small part in movies. And to
    get to own really rare birds and be able to accomplish breeding
    them. So paul how's all the baby jerries doin??? What kind you
    got goin now?? I am gonna add a B&G this summer. Hope the too
    doesn't get to jealous.


    On 5/04/07, Paul Jr wrote:
    > On 5/04/07, GreyLady wrote:
    >> How awful it must be to have such low self esteem and so
    >> little self confidence that one feels they must try to
    >> impress people on a chat board. But, then that's safe as one
    >> can stay anonymous while spouting all their crap. It's just
    >> too pitiful for words. Whoever you really are, you are in
    >> serious need of some professional help. It's even scarier
    >> that you don't seem to have any grasp of what a fool you make
    >> of yourself and that you are being laughed at beind your
    >> back. (Okay, now it's your turn to come back and post, using
    >> some other name so you can pat yourself on the back as if you
    >> have tons of fans supporting you.)
    > I think thats what lifes about fun and laughter,Ive been
    > trying to get some of you out of your shell and chat for years
    > now! I dont mind if you laugh at me its all good. I hope you
    > come on the factor and post in video or voice and tell me all
    > about it...Im actually very fun guy, ill even chat back in your
    > favorite celebrity voice if ya want...I know one thing bird
    > people are all so very serious about everything...I will clown
    > and laugh with you but who has the most beautiful birds if
    > serious Paul does....I house the best looking pairs of birds
    > the nation and yes it has taken lots of serious work in
    > with these magnificiant creatures to get to this point.
    > Paul Jr