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Re: Electra

Posted by electra on 5/03/07
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    hi paul,

    perhaps she wanted my bird for herself?? yes i must say
    paul has treated me well. seems to be a great guy. just
    promise me ya won't sing:)


    On 5/03/07, Paul Jr wrote:
    > I hadnt seen this person on this board for quite a while
    > then all of a sudden she appears right after I gave electra
    > a free 600 dollar bird telling people im just after the
    > money...The story wasnt about how i killed quakers was
    > about an accident that happened and how I went about
    > curing them....Who in the world would post about birds
    > they killed on accident....Im not sure why she would attack
    > somebody who father is the worlds top yaght broker and
    > doubt money issues.....
    > i think its kinda funny why anybody would think people
    > that have money wouldnt come to birdmart...I chat with
    > everybody rich or poor and treat them equal..
    > Paul Jr