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Re: Electra/kitty

Posted by paul jr on 5/05/07
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    On 5/05/07, KittyJ wrote:
    > Paul I believe there are a lot of BS rumors about you. I for
    > one liek you. Your a great person here. I hoenstly dont know
    > why people are mad, or upset with you? I guess whatever
    > problems that happened in the past while I was away happened
    > and I wasnt here to see them. But I dont believe in rumors
    > unless there is proof and evidence and all that. Paul yuor a
    > good man, for all I can tell. Dont feel down about this board.
    > There is a bette rboard out there sya.....
    > NOW THAT is a board :D nice, VERY friendly people there. Why
    > dotn you two join :)?

    Welcome to planet earth where if people are not talking bad
    about you your not making progress...

    paul jr