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Re: Hey Moe!! for Eera/very interesting

Posted by Paul Jr on 5/07/07
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    On 5/07/07, Moe/Larry wrote:
    > On 5/07/07, electra wrote:
    > i already hold two degrees and you??
    > I graduated Cornell University School of Veterinary Medicine (1999) and
    > have specialized in Conservation Animal Medicine.

    I think thats very interesting make a video show how you take mouth and
    vent swabs , grow cultures and hit it with antibiotics...that would be great
    interview on the parrot factor...I picked sam backos brain for couple years
    learning stuff like that in south florida...I guess you can call it on job
    training...I kinda used this experiance when starting my own little house
    lab so we test and mess with cultures, I think we have more of a problem
    with diabetes in parrots that people dont realize causes other problems.
    I guess I just play on my own as long as my birds look great thats all that
    matters at this point.

    I also understand vets push pellets on clients, Why is that when they know
    it causes liver disease in parrots? I do understand pellet companies
    support avian medicine. The sugar content in some of these pellets could
    sink a submarine

    Paul Jr