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Post: I wonder why?

Posted by Paul Jr on 5/07/07

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    I wonder why bird people are so anti social, I dont
    understand why not land show yourself and your bird
    experiances along with life experiances kinda neat
    listening to others...

    The best way to achieve is set goals, write them down on
    paper and fiqure out a way to make it happen of course no
    way around hard work...The point of becoming a Christian no
    goals are not achievable going through Christ so you can do
    it through him without him trust me its very difficult.

    learn to use what works for you, I watched dirk and the mavs
    shooting 3 s didnt do him any good going to the basket did
    but he got away from it and lost..

    The same thing with Oscar De Lahoya , his jab was working
    but he went away from it in the later rounds and lost..

    Paul Jr

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