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Re: larry,moe , babs, ect for Eera

Posted by electra on 5/07/07
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    yup u spelled it wrong

    On 5/07/07, Larry/Moe wrote:
    > On 5/07/07, electra wrote:
    >> I see you only post under other names to be nasty where as
    >> i posted to avoid another lecture from you like the one I
    >> got for getting the cockatoo Paulo rescued and sent me.
    >> Had nothing to do w/ pride. Just wished to ask a valid
    >> research question w/o the BS i normally get from you. Gee
    >> didn't you mock me once over asking about macaes on the
    >> macaw board? I beleave this is what the board was vreated
    >> for.
    >> By the way the name is whatever i wish it to
    >> the multiples you sure seem so fixed on
    >> what i do all the time.....what i post where i
    >> post....seems a bit excessive.......maybe you need therapy.
    >> I hardlly think a vet who works would have this much free
    >> time. Oh and you spelled ELECTRA wrong. But who's
    >> looking??:):):):)