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Re: Lora(Major Mitchells)

Posted by Paul Jr on 5/09/07
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    On 5/09/07, Lora wrote:
    > Paul, I have a member of the black cockatoo family, a galah,
    > rose breasted cockatoo. She rules this roost, no one goes
    > up against her, GW, U2, even the furry pets don't go
    > anywhere within striking distance. She's quick on her
    > feet. She is 300 grams of pure terror if she doesn't like
    > you.

    I guess we must assume any bird must like you to be a good

    The male major mitchells will try to control the universe
    thats forsure...When I enter the room to feed he will turn
    his back to me and stick his head between his legs and
    lookback at me...kinda play with me then twirl in circles on
    the perch
    round and round we go just an awsome site and bird to see.

    The only experiance I have with Galah is at the Rudkin
    Aviary, he had like 40 pair most seemed friendly and would come
    to the cage wire to be petted...The bad point very noisey birds
    in the flock situation...The only birds you could hear was the

    The Corella seemed like a mellow bird, Im not sure what family
    that bird is in but awsome bird anyhow..

    The large white cockatoos are needy type birds for attention
    drive you to commit suicide in some cases..

    Paul Jr