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Re: Lora(Major Mitchells)

Posted by Lora on 5/09/07
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    This is exactly what I am talking about Paul, I am trying to be
    nice and you just dig at me. Everyone of mine birds excluding
    my four breeder macaws will step up when asked by me 9 times out
    of 10. They don't need to "like" me, they need to know I am
    ALPHA bird. Every animal needs boundries and birds are no
    exceptions. They will have grumpy, hormonal, whatever I just
    cannot be bothered days (hence 9 out of 10) days, they all do
    respect me. I am the alpha. If your bird controls you, your in
    I have no exp with any other too but the bare eyed breeder I
    have (and didn't want), U2 and RB2. As far as umbrellas making
    you commit suicide then they weren't raised properly. I have two
    very happy well adjusted second hand umbrella males. Both LOVE
    attention and would hang on the front of my shirt and snuggle
    under my chin all day, I don't let them, they need time to play
    by themselves and interact with other toos's, I give them plenty
    of wood, plastic chain, bells, whatever they personally liek is
    added to the toys I make for them, stuffed animals (they LOVE to
    toss them around) woofle balls and one thier favs are stainless
    steel nuts and bolts. Gabby will spend hours with his.
    My birds never scream all day, they have plenty to do and lots
    of good food and water. When someone is yelling its for a
    reason, something could have flown by a window and startled
    them, its dawn or night fall, maybe someone took a bath in thier
    water bowl and needs a fresh one. While I was writing this my
    B&G breeders started yelling, the door was ajar and the dog(7lb
    papillon) was inside the room. He isn't after the birds, he
    loves bird food, pellets, open nuts whatever is edible.
    So please don't lump all white toos in one group, in the wild
    the native inhabitants aren't commiting suicide, its how they
    are raised, they should be just like children, raise them to be
    independent and productive. Well more independent, mine only
    produce wood chips and poop.
    Its 6:44pm and they only thing I hear is the 'caws chatting.
    In an hour or so it will be calling of the flock. Then its
    lights out.