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Re: (Major Mitchells/Paul shows his ignorance of birds, again

Posted by GrayLady on 5/13/07
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    If you think you want one, you better do a heck of a lot more
    research than you have done and you better get some information
    you can truly count on instead of the drivel that pours off
    Paul's keyboard. The Major Mitchell is one of the least suitable
    cockatoo's as a pet. While they can be great when young and hand
    raised they often become aggressive as they mature, and many end
    up as only suitable for an aviary. If a bird is to be kept as a
    pet, it will need some firm handling to stop it becoming dominant
    as it matures. It is also a destructive chewer, and has a very
    loud "shout" at times. Don't be another case of "oh it's so
    pretty I want one", without finding out what you really need to
    know to deal with one of these birds. Don't take my word for
    it. But don't take Paul's either. Do your own research.