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Re: (Major Mitchells/--Agreement

Posted by Dave on 5/14/07
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    On 5/13/07, GrayLady wrote:
    > If you think you want one, you better do a heck of a lot more
    > research than you have done and you better get some information
    > you can truly count on instead of the drivel that pours off
    > Paul's keyboard. The Major Mitchell is one of the least
    > cockatoo's as a pet. While they can be great when young and hand
    > raised they often become aggressive as they mature, and many end
    > up as only suitable for an aviary. If a bird is to be kept as a
    > pet, it will need some firm handling to stop it becoming
    > as it matures. It is also a destructive chewer, and has a very
    > loud "shout" at times. Don't be another case of "oh it's so
    > pretty I want one", without finding out what you really need to
    > know to deal with one of these birds. Don't take my word for
    > it. But don't take Paul's either. Do your own research.

    I also need to put my 2 cents in as far as Major Mitchells and
    agree with greylady. The reason that not many people own them is
    not so much as their price which is high but because their
    personality as they become adults. I'll only focus on one area
    which I think is most important. They may be heavy chewers. Many
    TOOs are. They may be screechers. Many Toos are. To me, the big
    difference is aggressiveness. They have a very short fuse and are
    unpredictable, As opposed to many othe types of TOOs,they're
    extremely aggressive as adults and the few people I know that have
    them soon realized that they needed to get another just to keep
    the first one calmer. Neither of the two people that I know own
    them consider them pets in the true sense of the word. Yes, do
    research but make sure that research only comes from objective
    people, not sites that're breeding and selling them. You'll never
    get the full story from those people. One of the reasons that
    Mitchells aren't discussed very much on different boards is
    because of their inability to be ideal pets----Dave