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Re: (Major Mitchells/Paul shows his ignorance of birds, agai

Posted by KittyJ on 5/26/07
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    On 5/13/07, GrayLady wrote:
    > If you think you want one, you better do a heck of a lot more
    > research than you have done and you better get some information
    > you can truly count on instead of the drivel that pours off
    > Paul's keyboard. The Major Mitchell is one of the least
    > cockatoo's as a pet. While they can be great when young and hand
    > raised they often become aggressive as they mature, and many end
    > up as only suitable for an aviary. If a bird is to be kept as a
    > pet, it will need some firm handling to stop it becoming
    > as it matures. It is also a destructive chewer, and has a very
    > loud "shout" at times. Don't be another case of "oh it's so
    > pretty I want one", without finding out what you really need to
    > know to deal with one of these birds. Don't take my word for
    > it. But don't take Paul's either. Do your own research.

    Thanks fo rth einfo. But I am not some snoop just "wanting" it. I
    do lots of research TONS. But like African greys, many people
    create "myths" about the birds. My friend has a female Major
    Mitchells, and she is the sweetest thing. She is recall trained
    and yes flighty. Yes different from other Toos. I am not some
    idiot who doesnt do research. i haev a Umbrelal cockatoo in which
    I turned around big time. In a rescue he would of been
    deemed "locked up" and not "pettable" he was a lunger, a biter,a
    screamer, and very aggressive because his previous home didnt know
    how to treat him, they only spent a few hours with him daily. An
    dhe lunged at his previous owners family too. I think I can handle
    a Majors Mitchells. But dont worry I WILL NOT get one any time

    And I have been to Molylwood three time snow, in the three car and
    the two car with all those Toos, I can say I am quite a Too
    person, and can handle 100 cockatoos screaming..