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Re: Amazons and Onions

Posted by electra on 5/21/07
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    hi- don't know about birds but in dogs/cats studies indicate
    that onions destroy the hemoglobin in the blood thus reducing
    the ability of the blood to bond w/ oxygen resulting in
    reduced oxygen levels in the blood/and reduces tissue
    perfussion. Not to mention the issues of anemia over long
    term exposure(hemo carries the iron too). Don't know if it
    does this to birds but just in case based on that I'd order
    onion free:)

    On 5/19/07, Dave- NC wrote:
    > On 5/18/07, Frank James wrote:
    >> Can anybody tell me if fresh onions are hazardous to my
    >> Orange Wing? He loves pizza (onions and all), but that is
    >> cooked.
    > Onions are not considered safe for birds. Most peppers are
    > ok. The hot peppers are a favorite of my guys.