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Re: What kind of lovebird is this

Posted by Jessica on 5/22/07
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    I have this book at home and looked in it for you. This is
    a color mutation of the peach-faced lovebird. The author of
    the Colored Atlas of Lovebirds calls this mutation
    the "Danish redino." According to her, the pictured bird
    was hatched from a pair of lutino lovebirds in an aviary in
    Denmark in 1990. It is the only one that has ever been
    hatched and it died before it was old enough to breed and
    pass this mutation on to any offspring. Therefore, there
    are no others in existence.


    On 5/20/07, KB wrote:
    > Anybody know what kind of Lovebird this is?
    > Thanks!
    > KB
    > ebeadsA/