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Re: What kind of lovebird is this/ Jessica

Posted by KB on 5/22/07
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    Thank you so much Jessica. I totally appreciate it. Boy its
    too bad it was the only of its kind, it was so beautiful! I
    looked up rare mutations and saw two birds, one was red and the
    other was orange, but I forget what they called it. However
    they were nothing close to this bird. If I find I will post
    the link.
    Again thanks for the info :)

    On 5/22/07, Jessica wrote:
    > KB,
    > I have this book at home and looked in it for you. This is
    > a color mutation of the peach-faced lovebird. The author of
    > the Colored Atlas of Lovebirds calls this mutation
    > the "Danish redino." According to her, the pictured bird
    > was hatched from a pair of lutino lovebirds in an aviary in
    > Denmark in 1990. It is the only one that has ever been
    > hatched and it died before it was old enough to breed and
    > pass this mutation on to any offspring. Therefore, there
    > are no others in existence.
    > Jessica
    > On 5/20/07, KB wrote:
    >> Anybody know what kind of Lovebird this is?
    >> Thanks!
    >> KB
    >> ebeadsA/