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Re: for kitty j

Posted by GreyLady on 6/01/07
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    On 6/01/07, wondering wrote:
    > kitty, isn't it time for you to go to that "special place"
    > that they send kids with learning disabilities for the
    > summer?

    At least Kitty has a name and uses it. If you don't have the
    gonads to pick a name and stick to it, why should anyone give
    one huge rat's butt what you think or say? If you are too
    ashamed to use your name, then what you have to say is
    meaningless drivel and needs to be ignored. JMO but I'd urge
    no one else to respond to this and to stop responding to any
    of the cowardly idiots who want to do their hit and run
    posting, all because they are so desparate for attention.
    Just like bad behaving parrots, if they don't get the
    response they want, they might stop. Maybe they will go
    somewhere with lower IQ levels to try to fit in.