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Re: For GreyPuke

Posted by Matt B on 6/01/07
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    On 6/01/07, your nemesis wrote:
    > On 6/01/07, GreyLady wrote:
    >> On 6/01/07, wondering wrote:
    >>> kitty, isn't it time for you to go to that "special place"
    >>> that they send kids with learning disabilities for the
    >>> summer?
    >> At least Kitty has a name and uses it. If you don't have the
    >> gonads to pick a name and stick to it, why should anyone give
    >> one huge rat's butt what you think or say? If you are too
    >> ashamed to use your name, then what you have to say is
    >> meaningless drivel and needs to be ignored. JMO but I'd urge
    >> no one else to respond to this and to stop responding to any
    >> of the cowardly idiots who want to do their hit and run
    >> posting, all because they are so desparate for attention.
    >> Just like bad behaving parrots, if they don't get the
    >> response they want, they might stop. Maybe they will go
    >> somewhere with lower IQ levels to try to fit in.
    > First of all "GreLady," what kind of "name" is that? Your an
    > old spinster named Tricia. Almost 40 and never been
    > kissed/screwed. Why not use that name, because a lady your not
    > by any stretch of imagination.
    > Now bugger off!
    '' never been kissed/screwed. ''

    OOHHHH so well put!! If she ever did have those things happen to
    her then the person that performed those laborious chores has
    the right to say *the devil made me do it*