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Re: Thanks :)

Posted by KittyJ on 6/01/07
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    On 6/01/07, wondering wrote:
    > kitty, isn't it time for you to go to that "special place"
    > that they send kids with learning disabilities for the
    > summer?

    I guess... But we're moving this summer, and I have to work 6
    hours a day and support my family and flock and furred and scaley
    friends. Plus I have no time to go to the Other place yet, I have
    a life to live, learn, and to do Gods things he wants me to do,
    and to be tested by him. Only he can say when it is time for me to
    go to the Special place. But thanks for your concerns. We'll all
    go to our Special places someday, mine has yet to come.