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Post: Bird Auction

Posted by Pat on 6/09/07

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    Shame on all your people with your BS petitions, hateful e-
    mails etc. and bad mouthing of one of the greatest people
    in aviculture. Below is a response to all this from Dr.
    Clubb herself

    June 7,2007
    Dear Bird Lovers,

    I love birds too. I have worked tirelessly for 30 years
    trying to help birds. Now I am having problems in my
    personal life. After 29 years of marriage my husband is
    moving on. He does not want anything but his half of all
    assets, which is what he is entitled to under Florida
    divorce law. So after building our collection for the last
    15 years I am left with no choice but to sell our birds to
    pay him.

    I can assure you all that this was NOT an easy decision,
    nor do I take it lightly. I do love my birds very much.
    But I CANNOT AFFORD to keep them. Also be assured that
    breeders who purchase good healthy birds will do everything
    they can to ensure their health, safety and happiness. If
    my motives were purely financial, consider this: all people
    involved in animal husbandry know that if you donít take
    care of your animals, they will not provide for you.

    In our modern society we are typically 2 generations
    removed from the farm and living with animals in a
    symbiotic relationship. Most modern Americans, therefore
    have a much different view of their relationship with
    animals, including birds, than our predecessors. That is
    neither good nor bad- it simply is fact. We must not
    forget that if there were no bird breeders you would not
    have your FIDS and your BAPPIES. You would not know the
    joy that birds can bring into your life. I see it every
    day in my practice. I enjoy the incredible joy that birds
    bring into peoples lives. Sure some have to change homes-
    but our children change homes also. That doesnít mean we
    donít love them. They just grow up and move away and start
    a new generation of wonderful people for us to love.

    Another consideration is safe management of my flock during
    hurricanes. We were hit by 3 hurricanes (Francis, Jeanne
    in 2004 and Wilma in 2005) in 14 months. With a complete
    team, it takes us about 3 days to bring all the birds
    inside the clinic. During this time, I am forced to close
    my clinic for unspecified period of time to ensure the
    safety of my flock. This is also extremely challenging
    when we have no power or other services for weeks. In
    turn, I am unavailable to assist the rest of the bird
    community in possible medical emergencies of their own. I
    am a board certified veterinarian, who would much better
    serve the bird community as such, than to give up a 30-year
    career to manage a breeding aviary. I am keeping some of
    my birds, but a small number that I can easily manage alone
    when there is a hurricane.

    And some of you have mentioned PDD. Please be VERY AWARE
    that the PDD rescue birds I have been working with are in a
    totally different facility. I have never had a case of PDD
    in my collection and I look for it. I have worked with
    Mary Jo Meyer of Miloís Ranch for 5 years. We are about to
    have a major break thru. Have any of you donated money for
    that important research and the support of those birds so
    we could treat them and save their lives? I think not.

    So I am asking all of you Ė PLEASE DONíT KICK ME WHEN IM
    DOWN. Canít you rejoice in my lifeís work. And if I make
    it through this challenge, I will soon be sharing some
    major advances in bird health. I need your support Ė not
    your hate.

    So, since you are so vocal in your distain for me and my
    current situation, put up your money. Buy my birds.
    Rescue them, PLEASE. Give them a good home. That would
    make me very happy and enable me to move ahead in this
    critical time of my life.

    Respectfully submitted

    Susan Clubb, DVM
    Iím keeping my name, my dignity, and my dedication to the
    avian world. - I wonít go away

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