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Re: Bird Auction

Posted by TO POOR, MISGUIDED KITTY on 6/09/07
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    On 6/09/07, kj wrote:
    > UNless she is breeidng thes ebird (DOUBT IT) TO RETURN to the
    > wild,, and sellign them to people who plan on breeding them to
    > return them to the wild I DOUBT she is a well claimed nice (ok
    > she may be nice TO PEOPLE, but a dazzling smile isnt it all) I
    > doubt kepe them in wire cages, and breeding them an then
    > selling their babies and over populating the US and other
    > countries with BABIES and SANCTUARIES. She is like the
    > president, or someone important, A nice smile, possibly good
    > looks, and a way to WOOE the crowd, ofcourse they will be
    > following her, untill you read her life story and read the
    > stories of those she AFFECTS!
    > People ho have no hearts. Shame :(
    > I have nothign against breeidng birds to release into the wild
    > or have a dream to release them into the wild after
    > CONSEVRATIONALIST work their arses off to provide land for
    > those birds, but to breed them and breed them for th erpublic
    > whhich in turn 90&37; of the birds will be in sanctuaries
    > then I say POO ON YOU, she isnt a nice person, she has been
    > coveirng her face with heavy makeup and WOOEING EVERYONE!

    time to give it up Kitty.........your ignorance is showing.