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Re: Bird Auction

Posted by a friend on 6/09/07
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    On 6/09/07, Kj wrote:
    > *shrugs* I believe what I want to, as you all can too. Im tire do
    > fanimal cruelty and abuse, and ifyou think PETA is wrong, well
    > that meat and egga dn milk your eating is also animal cruelty so
    > no need to say I am ignorant as I am not, atleast I am no
    > hypocrite. I say WAY TO GO PETA and still do no matter how much
    > you want to down talk me or say anythign bad about my beliefs,
    > religion, way of thinking, and wat I am for and against.

    KJ, are you really Kitty J? If you're, you really stepped in doodle
    this time.