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Re: Bird Auction/a friend

Posted by Matt B on 6/09/07
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    On 6/09/07, a friend wrote:
    > On 6/09/07, Kj wrote:
    >> *shrugs* I believe what I want to, as you all can too. Im tire do
    >> fanimal cruelty and abuse, and ifyou think PETA is wrong, well
    >> that meat and egga dn milk your eating is also animal cruelty so
    >> no need to say I am ignorant as I am not, atleast I am no
    >> hypocrite. I say WAY TO GO PETA and still do no matter how much
    >> you want to down talk me or say anythign bad about my beliefs,
    >> religion, way of thinking, and wat I am for and against.
    > KJ, are you really Kitty J? If you're, you really stepped in doodle
    > this time.

    Can't you tell? Shame, shame. Check spelling, level of ignorance,
    level of intelligence, obvious lack of schooling, idiotic subject
    matter etc etc. Of course it's the mental midget Kitty J and she
    stepped into it a long long time ago. Matter of fact, she's so deep in
    it that it's acting like quicksand.