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Re: Bird Auction

Posted by Dee on 6/12/07
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    On 6/09/07, Kj wrote:

    > She may be respected to "some breeders" who are LIKE HER,
    > but not breeders that I know or people I know.
    > >
    > anyone with a heart would consider
    > a sanction/rescue brid over a breeder's newly
    > hatched/babty/force weaned bird.

    To: Kj, Kitty and her followers.

    You people need to put your money where your mouth is, if you
    are truley concerned about the welfare of these Breeders and
    you really want to make a statement to your cause,then you
    should use your time and energy raising the funds to purchase
    the breeders and relocate to a facility that you and your
    followers approve of. One web-site said there is a group 6000
    strong, against the auction of these birds. Well if you have
    that many supporters for the welfare of these breeders, then I
    suggest you use your emails collecting money from those 6000
    people, rather then your effortless attempt to bad mouth the
    re*nowned Dr.Susan Clubb, DVM. And another thing it is obvious
    you just like seeing your postings otherwise you never would
    have chosen a web-site that alot of bird breeders are member
    One last thing, why is all of this directed at Susan, who is
    being forced to sell for a divorce settlement, what about the
    husband, HE was the breeder and the Lord of the flock. And
    most likly will be over-seeing the auction. So call Mr. Clubb
    with anymore complaints.