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Post: Bird Auction-if Kj comes back,hope u read post from Barb P.

Posted by Dee Puffer on 6/12/07

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    >> Kitty-Kj, I almost missed this post thought I would
    copy it, wanted to make sure you saw it.Dee

    From Barb P:
    >> You are definitely one feral cat, Ms Kitty. I don't
    believe my own
    >> astonishment that you guys have amazed me once again
    with your
    >> idiocy, inhumanity, ignorance, viciousness &
    >> You are referring to a woman who has dedicated her life
    to the
    >> avicultural community. She is respected world
    >> course, not in YOUR brain. That is, IF you have ANY
    brain function
    >> at all!!! Besides being a renowned avian vet, she's
    >> written wonderful, informative books (you could stand
    to read),
    >> contributed to & collaborated in avian research
    studies, been a
    > much
    >> sought after lecturer, amassed an eviable collection of
    parrots &
    >> other species, etc., etc................& you....YOU,
    refer to her
    >> as "this avian vet breeder person down in florida "?!?!
    How dare
    >> you???!!! You'll never amount to anything approaching
    the size of
    >> so much as a freckle on her face!
    >> You dismiss her reason for selling her lifes
    >> love.....just about her lifes blood so lightly. You
    never stop to
    >> even consider how this must be breaking her heart.
    That's just
    >> people never stop & think about anything. You
    just open
    >> your mouths & let the venom spew out upon whoever
    strikes your
    > fancy
    >> today. You would never consider offering sympathy,
    >> support.....anything positve at a time like this to a
    >> aviculturist, a colleague. But that's because you are
    such a
    > small,
    >> jealous, insignificant, mean spirited, stupid & just
    plain mean,
    >> evil wicked & nasty individual. I strongly doubt you
    even possess
    > a
    >> brain with which TO do any thought processing! Here's
    > going
    >> thru her version of "The War of the Roses" & up pops
    your ugly
    >> little voice once more.
    >> While I am aware of the situation down there, I will
    never discuss
    >> it with a dirty little gossip such as your self.
    >> Once again, what in heavens name does her marital
    affairs & loss of
    >> her flock.......& much more.....have anything
    whatsoever ( & I am
    >> trying to choose my words so very
    anger is
    >> unbelieveable this time. This is actually worse than
    >> personally trashed here!) to do with the purposes of
    >> forum?!?!??? This is titled The Social Chatboard. You
    HAVE to be
    >> the MOST ANTI-social piece of work that I have come
    across. Why
    >> don't you just go & join the Nazi party & be done with
    >> Instead of checking with the Better Business Bureau or
    some sort of
    >> agency, or former clients of the auction
    is your
    >> "modus operandi", you immediately assume the worst of
    them....& her
    >> for using them. Like if it's absolutely tearing your
    heart out to
    >> have to do this in the 1st continue your
    >> existence....yeah,'ll just sell off your
    animals &
    > not
    >> shed a tear! Yeah, maybe YOU would. But distancing
    herself, as
    >> much as possible from the unthinkable that has become
    her reality,
    >> she chose the only logical way to proceed with a task
    that was
    >> beyond her very being.
    >> I know I have chosen many words here to tell you the
    loathing I
    > feel
    >> toward you......but honestly, there ARE NO words that
    do you
    > justice.
    >> Barb P.

    What a perfect letter to Miss Kitty. Thank you from one of
    Susan's friends, and client. Well said!
    I will stop replying now, I have more important matters.

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