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Re: Susab Clubb - a bird breeder mill

Posted by Charlie on 12/12/09
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    I make a round to many bird sites this time every year just to
    thank all the people that take proper care of some of God's most
    defenseless creatures, caged parrots. Those that take them in
    and then sacrifice to give them some sort of life after all they
    have been through. You are right, David, to many, including many
    that should know better and care more, they are just commodities
    to be bought and sold.

    The good news this year is that the terrible economy has forced
    many of these people to their knees. Yes, the birds suffer but
    they would have suffered anyway. These people won't be cranking
    out Christmas chicks this year, less to suffer next year. Thank
    you to all that see the big picture and are helping the ones we
    have. God bless you and your flocks.

    On 7/20/09, David wrote:
    > I went to the auction day both viewing on Saturday &
    > auctioning on Sunday. After many years what I saw there are
    > still in my mind when I think about parrots.
    > This woman did not take care of her birds well.
    > When I was there at 1 P.M in both Sat & Sun, there was only
    > one lady feeding & watering those birds. I wonder what time
    > the birds will have their first water & meal.
    > The grass was just cut & I saw mountains of cut grass
    > around. Their breeding cages are small, many with PV
    > plastics used as perches
    > On a single jardine parrot, there was a huge papaya tree
    > grew inside its cage...
    > Many of her birds plucked badly
    > I think as avian vet. She should take much better care for
    > those birds instead squeezing money out of them.