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Re: Petition

Posted by The ugly truth. on 6/13/07
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    For your information the judge did not order an AUCTION of
    the birds, but a liquidation of the assets. It was their
    decision to sell their birds at auction. An auction is a
    cruel and uncaring way to sell her flock. The owner has no
    say in where or to whom the birds go. These parrots will be
    sold to the highest bidder, crated and shipped. They will be
    frightened and confused.

    A much more humane method would have been to sell her flock
    privately, she is connected enough to do this.

    Anyone who thinks bird mills and online auctions are a
    humane way to treat parrots, does not deserve the pleasure
    of one in their life. Nor do they know anything about the
    intelligence and needs of these animals.