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Re: Petition

Posted by karen on 6/13/07
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    On 6/13/07, The ugly truth. wrote:
    > For your information the judge did not order an AUCTION of
    > the birds, but a liquidation of the assets. It was their
    > decision to sell their birds at auction. An auction is a
    > cruel and uncaring way to sell her flock. The owner has no
    > say in where or to whom the birds go. These parrots will be
    > sold to the highest bidder, crated and shipped. They will be
    > frightened and confused.
    > A much more humane method would have been to sell her flock
    > privately, she is connected enough to do this.
    > Anyone who thinks bird mills and online auctions are a
    > humane way to treat parrots, does not deserve the pleasure
    > of one in their life. Nor do they know anything about the
    > intelligence and needs of these animals.

    The world is full of ugly truth.
    The world if full of ugly reality.
    untill you have been in a position where your back is against
    a wall you will not understand how ugly it can be.
    How can 600 birds be quickly sold? for what price?
    FACT-Unless both parties in the divorce come to an agreement a
    sale can not be made to a private party.
    Be a hero a go buy a bunch.
    & it is not up to you THANK GOD to say what someone else
    deserves or knows.
    -Been there