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Re: Petition

Posted by Mikey on 6/13/07
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    On 6/13/07, karen wrote:
    > On 6/13/07, The ugly truth. wrote:
    >> For your information the judge did not order an AUCTION of
    >> the birds, but a liquidation of the assets. It was their
    >> decision to sell their birds at auction. An auction is a
    >> cruel and uncaring way to sell her flock. The owner has no
    >> say in where or to whom the birds go. These parrots will be
    >> sold to the highest bidder, crated and shipped. They will be
    >> frightened and confused.
    >> A much more humane method would have been to sell her flock
    >> privately, she is connected enough to do this.
    >> Anyone who thinks bird mills and online auctions are a
    >> humane way to treat parrots, does not deserve the pleasure
    >> of one in their life. Nor do they know anything about the
    >> intelligence and needs of these animals.
    > The world is full of ugly truth.
    > The world if full of ugly reality.
    > untill you have been in a position where your back is against
    > a wall you will not understand how ugly it can be.
    > How can 600 birds be quickly sold? for what price?
    > FACT-Unless both parties in the divorce come to an agreement a
    > sale can not be made to a private party.
    > Be a hero a go buy a bunch.
    > & it is not up to you THANK GOD to say what someone else
    > deserves or knows.
    > -Been there

    True, you've been there but the dealers' room was packed and
    very diverse. The costume contest had more entries than ever
    before, with some unusually elaborate outfits--and the
    traditional Miss Aggiecon contest was won by a nine-foot long
    paper mâché Jabba the Hutt complete with prehensile tongue. The
    after-contest gathering and general mingling was brought to an
    abrupt halt by the entrance of guest relations officer Jennifer
    Franz. Jennifer, it must be pointed out, arrived decked out as
    Trinity from The Matrix in all her glossy black glory, and the
    abrupt silence was broken by the sound of every single guy's jaw
    in the place hitting the floor at the same time. And I finally
    found a copy of the Farscape soundtrack in the dealers' room--
    this was a Good Thing for me, as I absolutely love all things