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Re: Susab Clubb - a bird breeder mill

Posted by David on 7/20/09
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    I went to the auction day both viewing on Saturday &
    auctioning on Sunday. After many years what I saw there are
    still in my mind when I think about parrots.

    This woman did not take care of her birds well.

    When I was there at 1 P.M in both Sat & Sun, there was only
    one lady feeding & watering those birds. I wonder what time
    the birds will have their first water & meal.

    The grass was just cut & I saw mountains of cut grass
    around. Their breeding cages are small, many with PV
    plastics used as perches

    On a single jardine parrot, there was a huge papaya tree
    grew inside its cage...

    Many of her birds plucked badly

    I think as avian vet. She should take much better care for
    those birds instead squeezing money out of them.