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Re: Susan Clubb Auction

Posted by Gary on 8/06/08
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    When the court says sell your birds, that's what they mean. Not get a loan.
    Not pay your scum sucking husband off. It means sell your birds. I can
    guarantee she didn't want to sell her birds. I saw her during this period of
    her life and there was no question, she was stressed to the max at this whole thing.

    You said Dr. Clubb has always been in it for the money. Please back that
    general statement up with more concise proof. To make general, derogatory
    statements about a person you probably have never even met, is completely wrong
    and totally uncalled for.

    She saved my Princess life with surgery that other "avian vets" had never even
    heard of. And I was SHOCKED at the small amount of money she charged me. Based
    on prices I pay just general vets, I was expecting a lot more.

    She operated on my Female Umbrella. She tied her prolapsed chloaca up to her
    rib cage. Call me from her personal cell phone, every day for a week to give me
    the progress reports. Boarded the bird for a week, at my request. Then she drove
    50 miles, one way, north of her clinic to meet me and deliver the bird and only
    charged me $800. I had paid $300 for a "vet" to tell me that her chloaca wasn't
    prolapsed, it was just a bad habit that she had. Another "vet" charged me $200
    to put her to sleep and put two stitches in her vent that were out in less than
    an hour.

    It has been five years since the surgery and Chloe, my U2, is healthy and happy
    as she could possibly be. In some cases the surgery has to be done again in 2
    to 3 years. Dr. Clubb took special precautions so that wouldn't happen.

    And her daddy, me, is very happy with the results.