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Re: susan clubb

Posted by A friend of Parrots on 6/19/07
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    You have completely missed the issue. Clubb, as an avian vet should understand
    that there is an overpopulation problem currently with parrots, and the worst is
    just on the horizon, as the life expectancy of these birds is 60 years and upwards.
    What do you suggest be done with the 1000's of birds currently in sanctuaries in
    the U.S. today?

    Birds in breeding mills generally have no enrichment, nothing to do but sit around
    their cages and produce eggs, then when they do hatch, the babies are taken from
    the parents to be hand raised. What is natural or fulfilling to the parrot in this

    And you speak of her processing wild caught parrots like it's a good thing?? Babies
    stripped from their nests to be crated and exported like some kind of inanimate
    object. Why do you think this outrageous practice was made illegal in the U.S. in

    No-one wants to demean the actions of Clubb in her avian medicine practice. But
    she has done no service to the avian world by breeding, selling unweaned babies,
    exporting and selling to the big chain pet stores, where the babies end up in the
    hands of uneducated and unprepared buyers. And thus the cycle of rehoming,
    neurotic behaviors, feather plucking and self mutilation begins.